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Established in 1999, Lex Advisors is now a leading law firm in Los Cabos. We are an innovative and respected Mexican law and appraisal firm specializing in Real Estate, Development and Entitlements, Corporate Law, Tax Planning, Notary Law, Appraisals, Mediation, Arbitration, Labour and Foreign Investment. Our headquarters are in Los Cabos — one of the key points for tourism in Mexico — and we also have affiliate offices in Mexico City and other states in the mainland. In the past years we have conducted the closing of a myriad of residential real estate transactions in Baja California Sur. We can help you resolve all your legal needs under one roof.

We have successfully represented a large number of clients -both individuals and corporations- in their real estate transactions. The majority of them are investors from the United States and Canada, though there is a good number of European, Asian and Mexican clients. Trust is the one essential factor sought by an investor venturing to do business in a foreign country. Our Lawyers and professionals are trustable and valuable people.

Our customer satisfaction rate is extremely high: A good number of pleased clients have become our friends. We know the Baja, we know Los Cabos, we are lawyers but we also understand business.

Profile of Lex Advisors


We focus on Real Estate. We provide sound, clear and precise Legal Advise in the Real Estate and Development areas, as well as for directly related matters, including Corporate, Fiscal, Business Planning and Succession, and a Labour dedicated area.

We understand the business perspective from the standpoint of all parties involved in a real estate transaction: buyer, seller/developer or financing entity. Therefore, we provide precise representation, bringing the expected results and the consequent tranquility of our clients.

In Lex Advisors, an important part of our structure is dedicated to property title logistics and procedures. We will advise you as to what is the optimal form to hold title to your property in Mexico based on the purpose of your investment, your life equity plan or if you simply wish to enjoy your property as a second or vacation home.

We are specialists in fiscal strategy and planning involving real estate investments, and the effects that your investment will have both in Mexico and abroad, based on your country of residence or place of business.

This area involves acquisition, sale and lease of Real Estate properties, whether commercial, industrial or residential, as well as development of real estate for residential-tourism purposes. Purchases by non-residents, including real estate located in the “Restricted Zone” along boarders and coasts, processing in purchasing property through bank trusts. Commercial contracts and purchases through Corporations, security contracts, mortgages, pledges, bonds as well as guaranty and administration trusts. Lex Advisors has a broad experience on Ejidos and Rural Land, as well.

Additionally, we provide Title Search Services and we are approved by the main Title Insurance companies in Mexico and the US.


Lex Advisors provides corporate legal advise and business strategy for any kind of economical activity and venture in Mexico, emphasizing their expertise on real estate and development matters. We provide consultation regarding effective financial and tax planning to start a business in Mexico, and assistance to companies entering to the Mexican Market, and advice concerning start up problems frequently experienced by new businesses. We also help you with the draft and negotiation of join venture agreements. These services include the incorporation of civil and commercial companies, both privately and publicly held, as well as advice regarding the most effective legal structure for a particular investment.

We render advice regarding corporate reorganizations such as spin-offs and mergers, including those effectuated through holding companies, advice to closely held companies and partnerships, liquidating of existing companies, maintenance of corporate records of Mexican corporations. We provide advise and counsel on the preparation and negotiation of agreements for the merger, purchase or sale of stock or assets, and operations of existing local companies and corporate groups covering all related corporate, financing and tax planning.


We provide personalized services on Tax planning with the most capable lawyers.

We are experts on interpretation and application of tax treaties, FATCA, CRS and BEPS measures to promote cross border tax compliance to produce substantial business results.


* Due diligence and property investigation for development feasibility.

* Corporate structure and fiscal strategy involved in real estate and development.

* Entitlements strategy, logistics and processing for real estate projects. Coordination of experts for performance of technical studies and obtaining of permits at all governmental levels.

* Technical organization, strategy and processing for condominium property regimes and subdivisions.

We are experts in entitlements, strategies and procedures for real estate projects. We have the know-how to establish the correct structure and logistics for a successful development team to work efficiently while integrated by various professionals with different specialties and even from different countries, from a general perspective that provides efficient results in the licensing process, prevents legal problems, provides fiscal benefits and economic savings as well as integral coordination between all levels and phases of a real estate development (preliminary project, licensing, construction, condominium/subdivision structuring and organization, marketing and sales closing) which always translate into a successful business Development.


FEDERAL AND STATE NOTARY SERVICES -Our founding partner is a Federal Notary and alternate State Notary. We provide all State and Federal Notary Services.

APPRAISALS –We prepare certified and recognized property appraisals valid in Mexico, the US and Canada for commercial and tax purposes. 

MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION SERVICES -We provide mediation and arbitration services to our clients in accordance with international standards.

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